At the Red Cross warehouse in Union City, employees are working in overdrive.

It’s a massive relief operation designed to help as many as 100,000 evacuees impacted by Hurricane Florence.

"These trucks are going up to Virginia and North Carolina specifically and each truck will have enough supplies for 816 people," said Red Cross Spokesperson Ashley Henyan.

This 120-thousand square foot facility is one of five nationwide belonging to the Red Cross and already many of the shelves are bare with these items being shipped to those in need.

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"Buckets, brooms, mops, bleach, rubber gloves. I’ve seen cases of hand sanitizer, cots and blankets," said Henyan. "The Red Cross depends on the generosity of the American public to do the work that we do. To send the volunteers, to send the supplies, to have food and water."

Workers plan to load 15 trucks of shelter supplies and will send out cleaning supplies after the storm hits the east coast.

"This is a wake-up call for all of us that if we don’t have our emergency preparedness kits, if we haven’t talked to our family yet, if you haven’t downloaded the Red Cross emergency app do that now," said Henyan.

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