Many people came to Atlanta's municipal court Monday to handle business as usual. Others weren't so lucky.

"The ticket says June 11th. I come down here supposed to be at one o'clock and they say I'm not in the system," says Dexter Baker.

Dexter Baker doesn’t need to worry, because no “failure to appear” warrants are currently being issued.

However, the director of communications for the courts showed CBS46 reporter Vince Sims their docket boards are back up and so is the online bill pay option. CBS46 has also been told that no historical data was lost during the attack.

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Still, Baker isn't sure about his current situation.

"I done took off from work to come here and handle the situation and they say I'm not in the system but I got a ticket for June 11th," said Baker.

CBS46 has learned that if someone got a ticket during the cyber-attack, a reset notice for your court date will be sent to you.

Nearly 20 thousand cases required manual processing during the cyber-attack and roughly 11 thousand cases were resolved. The rest will have a courtesy reset sent in the coming weeks.

As for Baker, he will have to wait and see if he is one of those.

"I got this stamped saying I was here so I don't know what to do from here," said Baker.

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