A South Fulton community says they are being plagues by gun fire, and whole no on has been hurt, the constant sound of weapons going off has them worried about their safety.

It's a quiet upper middles class neighborhood yet for the past several weeks residents say they have heard gun shots on a regular basis and it has many on edge.

"We usually coming home to a peaceful street and no problem," said resident Ralph Ligon.

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But now the long time resident says the community's peace ans serenity is being disturbed.

"We're hearing increasingly rumbling of gun fire going on late at night during the latter part of the week," said Ligon.

One of those late nights resident Patrick Broadus says his car was hit by a stray bullet.

"I started to hear really eight to ten shots really rapidly," said Broadus. "I really didn't know where it was I figured they were coming from the cars because they were driving kinda funny."

He says one of the shots missed his body by inches.

South Fulton Police say as always they will continue to patrol the area and investigate any calls of shots fired that occur.

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