Yolanda Woodland is a seamstress and right now she's working on patching her life back together.

"I lost all of my equipment that I brought. Five sewing machines ans in excess of $60,000 in fabric," said Woodland.

Woodland and her daughter Jacoby lost almost everything they had during a fire in PauldIing County in February.

"Whatever I had down to a needle I lost it."

Police say Adrienne Satterly intentionally started the fire, burning a mattress in her house which spread to several homes in the neighborhood.

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The flames destroyed four homes, damaged more than a dozen others and claimed the pets of other home owners.

Satterly is currently in jail and facing multiple felonies.

As for Woodland, she'd like to restart her apparel business and says any help would be greatly appreciated.

"I'm not going to sit here and waste my time holding onto something that I cannot change," said Woodland.

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