The excitement continues to build for many over the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but that excitement is taking on a whole new meaning for Decatur family.

Dr. Paul Dabney and Meghan Markle are third cousins three times removed, which means they share at least one set of great-great-great grandparents.

"Princess Diana's sons, I remember the day they were born and I watched them grow up. I watched the royal family," says Dabney, "So there is an interest but I'm not a fanatic."

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That's changing just slightly now after a random call from the genealogical society of Henry and Clayton counties.

The society doing research for the London Times discovered Dabney's father, the late Clarence W. Dabney of Henry County was a relative of Markle.

"I was more shocked than surprised because who would have thought there would be a connection."

Learning of the family connection, Dabney says he now sees a family resemblance.

"She looks a lot like my sister, She has a lot of the facial features as my sister."

His daughters are excited to know Markle, who will be their fourth cousin, will be a real princess.

He says they will be watching the wedding and doing their best to be British for the day with tea and crumpets.

Dabney knows it will probably be a long shot to ever meet her, but he hopes some day they may be able to share their family history and connection to her.

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