Alexa on the Amazon Echo is now being used in the city of Johns Creek to answer questions for residents.

The city of Johns Creek has linked Alexa to it's online data hub full of public records with a feature called Alexa Skill.

You just call it up saying " Alexa, ask the city of Johns Creek..."

Anything from current traffic, to zoning information, to the next city council meeting date to job postings.

Nick O'Day, the Chief Data Officer, says not to worry, they are not recording private conversations.

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"It's about being able to ask a question and get a real answer right away versus having to call somebody and the city and get passed to a planer or an engineer," says O'Day. " We cannot access their name, their location, their voices, we can't access any of that kind of stuff."

The goal is to increase transparency and to also help entrepreneurs and business owners.

Right now, the most asked question is how are my tax dollars being spent. Alexa can answer that too.

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